Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This week in Sports.

  Well hello Wednesday ... I didn't see you there. Damn this year is flying by. We have something like 20 days of school left. Where does the time go? I have been thinking about how much time seems to be wasted by this whole work thing. I don't get to see anyone as much as I like because either we are working, tired from working, have to work early the next day or don't make enough money working. Yes the work thing sucks. And it looks like soon I will be having to get a second job, thus working more.

 Anyway... I have been a crafty Mo-Fo here lately. I went to Stitches with my Bitches 2 weekends ago and it was kinda inspirational. I was looking for a project bag above anything... I have plenty of yarn to work with as it is. But my search fast became a Goldilocks moment. Everything was either too big, or too small. Very expensive or looked cheap. Nothing really caught me eye, but in my mind I could see what I wanted, so on a day off I set to work with a set of fats I bought and made my bag, Baby!

 I am quite happy with how it turned out. I even took out the bedazzler Apple bought me a few years ago and added Bling! While it is not a Nemaste bag it is perfect for what I need. 

    On Saturday morning I was looking around on the interwebs and came across this gem  of a site with an adorable free pattern for tiny bunnies! I wrote it down ( cause I am to cheap to buy a printer ) and before Knit Group was over I was the hoppy mom of these two. 

Everyone that passed by wanted one.... I have since made and given
away 4 more... and have picked out the yarn for my next one. Think I will make a camo/ paintball one! 

  Speaking off I think I am off to play Bunny God and make more. Toodles!



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  1. The bag rocks dude!

    You'll have to show me the quick how to on the bunnies- they are sweet sweet! :) Did you ever make that mobile? Well, at least the animals from it?