Monday, April 11, 2011

A monday full of Bleh

    I am feeling kinda old this evening. Not age old. Life old. I should feel more rested after a week off, but when you are sick for half that week you just feel better. Not much more. I left work today feeling like it was the Thursday before our Spring Break. It's stress. I know that. Stress of being an adult. Today was a "grown up" day. And I am ending it with curlers in my hair. Those soft, squishy ones. My saving grace is that I was humming MegaDeth's Psychotron while putting them in. 

   The morning started out pretty good actually. Everyone woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Got to work on time and was pleased to find out I didn't f*$k up and I did place the order to be delivered tomorrow! Yay me!!! While on my lunch break I called my lawyer. Nothing major, just need to make sure my I's are crossed and my T's dotted. But I realize I am in the wrong business. I will be paying $300.00 for an hour of a persons time. That is $150.00 for half and hour or $75.00 for 15 minutes. Shit... I don't make that in a week. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I was able to make up some of that snow time the county is holding over our heads. I think it is going to be a good week.

    I spoke with my Grandpa today. It had to do with some family stuff, but it was an eerily familiar conversation. He was asking about the girls and how life is and then he started saying almost word for word the same things Dad said to me in our last conversation. He was telling me about his health and then he said it... He said he is tired. He's 80 years old and tired of hurting, of being tired. Dad said the same thing almost a year ago. I think people know when something is up... and now my heart is heavy. I hope I am wrong... that he just means he is looking forward to the  doctors finding out what is wrong....but this is me and those who know me, know. 

  I mowed the rest of my back yard today. What a nice feeling. It was quite the chore being as I never mowed it last year. It needed to go wild and fill in all it's naked spots. I didn't go outside yesterday with the intent of mowing. I was going to work on emptying the pool. Till I found the body. The body that I removed only to discover it was sans head. NO FREAKING HEAD! You know what that means? It's still in the pool! Gross! Eeeeewwwww! You know who has to clean out the pool? Yeah. Me. God, these are the times I hate being "it". So I disposed of said floater and started up the mower. It looks so lush back there and I am happy. Now I need to work on getting rid of a tree and some weeds that have taken over.

   A storm is rolling in. The curtains are blowing and there is a nice chill in the air. It makes me long for those Long Island Storms. The loud, full of piss and vinegar storms that you could sit on the beach and watch roll in. Unfortunately storms around here have the threat of a tornado attached to them. Even when they don't there is that thought in the back of your head. Well, at least in mine. Well hell... a siren. I never know what the difference is between them.

 I guess I should go to bed. CRCT's are starting tomorrow. The girls are nervous and they shouldn't be. They are so bright. It comes naturally to them. Ahhhh... here comes the rain. Good night all!

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