Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahhh, the beginning....

  So this is it... I am embarking on another journey. A blog. Will I have something to say? This is me, I ALWAYS have something to say. So what has taken me so long? Not sure.... How about an introduction.

   I wear many hats in my little world. The most important is that of Mom. It's a hat made of a paper plate and ribbon. With dandelions and tissue paper flowers glued to it. I have 2 girls who are 10 (Apple) and 11 (Bug). They are the most amazing people I know. In their little lives they have been through so much and come out on the other side like champs. They are comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to be who they want to that day. That is HUGE these days. Being a parent of a middle school daughter is no joke. It's why I am thinking of upping my Zoloft 'scrip.

   Obviously I am someones daughter. This hat is one handed down through many generations. It has a pin on it of a scale. Once you become someones mom, you have to balance being a daughter, too. You realize you don't know it all but have to act like you do. Those days when you have to be strong for your kids are the days you want to crawl into your Mom's lap and be held. Trying to learn from the mistakes made before you, but having to make your own. Luckily I have a Mom who got so much right and it seems to be working for me with my girls. 

   Lover... I am someones girlfriend. Ahhhhh, my Wolf. I guess this one really isn't a hat. I wear my heart on my sleeve. This relationship is different from any other I have ever had. The man drives me insane, in a good way. I am falling madly for this guy and absolutely afraid to tell him. I am an in your face, tell it like it is kinda woman...No fear. Nothing ventured nothing gained. But with him.... This guy turns me into a puddle of girlieness that clams up and get silent when I am around him. He amazes me. He is beautiful and worldly. He reads... MY God, the man reads!!! He is intelligent and a smart ass, and loves food like I do. With a passion for the experience as much as the taste. He is an Italian from New York... can we say Marcie's Krypotnite.  I don't know what our future holds but I will enjoy every moment of it, whether it is 5 days more or 50 years.     

  Hello, Ms Marcie the Lunch Lady here. I wear this hairnet proudly. It has given me the opportunities to get where I am today. I am the kids equivalent of a bartender. In those 20 seconds they are in front of me I hear about their summer plans, what they want for their birthdays, who they like or hate... it goes on and on. These kids are wonderful and I don't think many folks realize that. 

  The hobbies hat is 3 sided. On one side it has yarn and knitting needles poking out. I knit... to look at me you wouldn't believe it. I have this obsession with it. It's so old fashioned yet the modern patterns are amazing. I can push myself to try new things with it or do something simple just to keep my hands busy and mind at peace. 
  The next side is a little library. I eat books for breakfast. To dive into a world that is not mine but with images shaped in my head is better then any movie. Some days it is hard to chose between the books and the yarn.
  My 3rd side is camo and paint splatters. My best friend turned me onto it last summer and after the first time playing there was no going back. To be out there on the field in battle. There is something primal about it. Hunting... being hunted. I think that being a woman in the sport makes it more fun. I'm not expected to be a threat and yet am one of the bigger ones. I'm not afraid of putting myself out there and getting shot. (Sorta how I live my life)

  The hardest hat... Woman. I am all these things, but the most important hat isn't a hat at all. It's me. It's my head that they all sit on. So many people forget that they are someone. They get swept up into a category and it defines them. " I am a mom", " I am a CEO", "I am a this or that". No facets or otherness. No hallways from the front door to the other parts of them. They become the front door and never step beyond that. After my divorce I had to figure out who I was again. I can remember the first weekend without my kids I didn't know what to do at first. Sort of walked around in a haze. Then I remembered I had knit group. I had a life beyond "Mom" and "Work". There was "Me". Ever evolving and growing. I am covered in tattoos, but dress like a 50's housewife. I knit socks and baby sweaters but read paranormal romances. I love to laugh but hate comedies. ( I'm an action flick chick )

And thus ends my intro....

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