Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another year older.....

So here I am... now 33. I think. I sort of stopped counting after 30. Not for the usual reasons mind you. I am not a person who will remain 29 forever. I was very happy to enter my 30's and to be honest so much has happened since then that the years just flew by. Now 30's came with a few down sides... like I now know why they call it "middle" age. Every cupcake, hotdog, carrot stick, or anything else consumed goes right to the middle. And we are not just talking a weekend vacay.... they move in. Plant gardens, change the paint and all. Then they want to raise families and add on to house.... I am getting fat in places I never had it before. I am so trying to avoid the butt in the front look... ugh. I'm not as energetic as I used to be either. Which is understandable, but it brings me to the biggest concern I have about getting older. I want another kid and the clock is ticking. Now I know women have kids well into their 40's. Healthy kids, too. But  my concern is I am no longer 20... it was easy to stay up 36 hours straight with a sick 2 year old and an infant. My body could handle it... I'm not so sure now. Add in already having three very high risk pregnancies and 2 complicated c-sections. But then with age comes wisdom... the wisdom to know that what ever happens, happens.

Sort of like yesterday. It was my birthday and everyone is broke. I know that better then anyone. I was expecting some happy go lucky messages on FB and maybe a card or two. But yesterday turned out to be quiet full and fun. I scored some great yarny gifts, gift cards and even flowers.

In May my name was drawn for a Pinkberry party, so I invited some folks. Expecting maybe a half an hour of hellos and Happy Birthdays turned into 2 hours of people coming when others had to leave And the folks at Pinkberry were awesome! I highly recommend the new watermelon flavor. I went to the market and came across a birthday cupcake!

Well, here I am another year older. I am looking forward to the coming year, especially my upcoming trip home in a few days. New York + My Wolf = Happy me.

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