Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Taste of Possibilities

      It has been a long while since I last wrote and I am sorry for that. I feel like whenever I do write it is because of some huge event or some sort of drama. Today... I write because my heart is happy and my mind is clear. But that is how one should write, isn't it? So here I sit with my happy little self at my new job, waiting for all the blue hairs to finish setting up for bingo.

    Bingo you say? Yes... I said Bingo. I am now part timing it at the local VFW snack bar while the Hens and the ship hat wearing Roosters quietly play bingo. It is nothing like the Catholic church Bingo games I went to with my grandma. Where women chain smoked and rang bells while little troll dolls looked on in amusement. A place where when "BINGO" was yelled it was like New Years at Times Square. Here you can hear a pin drop at any given moment and "BINGO" is a polite whisper and a raised hand. But they have cute bingo bags and the markers have little disco balls on top. Who doesn't love sparkly things!?!

   It is a fun little gig. The Roosters ( named so since there is one man for every 6-7 hens, and they strut around like they own the place)  love coming up and talking to me ( and apparently one likes making pinching motions when I walk by) and the Hens ( little short, round old ladies who slowly walk around  and then nest in rows) are all happy with the changes I have made so far. It is a long way from where I want it to be but between the other woman and myself we will get it there. The hardest part right now is figuring out which groups like what and keeping it hot and ready. But the 4 1/2 hours a day I work, about 2 of those hours I am sitting around doing nothing. There will be many a book read, I foresee.

     Another change, job wise for me is I am now officially Key Person at my School. Key Person is a fancy term for Assistant Manager. I will hold the fort down when BettyLou isn't there and learn from all her wisdom. So that one day, I too can run my own little crew. I am excited to finally get recognition for what I do. Ever since I was 15 I have co managed most places I have worked, or done more work than most with out the credit. With this promotion comes more hours and a nice raise. Maybe I can start to pull out of this hole I have gotten comfortable in and start getting things done.   The only down side is that I start back to the school tomorrow and have to be in East BumbleFart at 7am. Not looking forward to that. But in two weeks it will be the norm again.

     August 4th is the first day of school. I am actually looking forward to taking the girls back to school shopping and getting everything ready. They have decided the things that they can't live with out and some of the things they want. Apple has her heart set on a pair of white patent leather Doc Martens and some dreads. Bug has decided on fire red hair and HAS to have these acid wash jean/sweatpants things. I love seeing how their style evolves and the women they are becoming. They are so much alike but each their own person, and they stand true to who they are. That is rare for their age.

      App also starts back to ballet that week and it almost wasn't  an option. She got the go ahead to start pointe this year and thus has to take 2 classes. Regular ballet and pointe.  Not being able to secure a part time job over the summer and no word on the promotion I knew making the now doubled tuition was going to be a problem.  Even with the extra money coming in now it will be hard. But one morning I awoke with the bright idea to start a go fund me page for her. I calculated her tuition, recital costs and the cost for supplies and made that my goal. I figured if I could get enough for at least her shoes I could try and scrape the first month of tuition up. Never in a million years did I think we would raise $800! It was enough to drop $200 on shoes for both classes, a leotard that fits AND she likes and new tights. The rest will be going onto her tuition account and is enough to pay for 5 months. By then I should be back on my feet..

     So life is good right now. I really can't complain. Have enough faith and the pieces will fall into place. The next few weeks are going to be crazy while I try and find the balance of it all but the payoff will be worth it. And come on... anyone who knows me knows I am happiest with a certain amount of crazy going on in my life. Peace out for now. Hugs!