Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shooting Rabbits

     I need to make some changes... something everyone says at the beginning of every year. But really, even if it were August I would be saying this and doing this. I have never been one to start a diet on Monday or Christmas knitting by, well Christmas. So today I start making changes. Like losing the 20 lbs I have put on and writing more. The 2nd being way more important. I have found an old 30 day blogging challenge list and I am going to try and stick to it. Some of the topics are a bit corny and whatnot, but it will get my brain working and I can go from there. Tidbits for my 3 followers to read. :)
                                            Todays topic is 10 Random Facts about Me.
Here goes nothing.

Fact 1: I love lists.... I will write to do lists and follow them. I write shopping lists and Christmas cards lists. Lists for my bills each month and my cheque book is always balanced. They always have to be neat too. I think because in this day and age we don't handwrite things as much and it is a reminder that I am still human. It also puts order in my ever chaotic life.

Fact 2: I collect white rabbits. It is a small, carefully selected collection mind you. I am not all gaga over every white rabbit out there, but there is something about finding one and falling in love with it. My latest addition is a small white tea cup with a band of rabbits around it.

Fact 3: My imaginary friend growing up was a white Lion with green eyes. Funny that I ended up with green eyes. There was a whole menagerie of white animals, but the Lion was definitely my main "friend". I am not sure of where my obsession with white animals comes from but there has been a pattern since I was very young.

Fact 4: I wish I owned my own business. I have grand ideas for a yarn shop and yet I still work for the man. Like seriously... I work for the government and it blows. I even have the storefront picked out and dressed up in my mind.

Fact 5: For some reason, even though I was born and raised in New York by New Yorkers I spell some words the Canadian way. Colours... Cheques. Have no idea.

Fact 6:  I play paintball. Anyone who knows me is aware of this and it is hardly random. But it is a passion. I get on that field and I am 100% myself. It is the only place that I don't care what anyone else thinks. I am there to shoot and be shot, battle and get my aggressions out. My blood starts pounding when I hear the sounds of the guns and there is no other feeling out there like it.

Fact 7: I am not as confident as I portray myself to be. I am always second guessing myself and my decisions. I constantly wonder what people are thinking and crave being accepted. But I won't change who I am. I think it stems from High School when no one liked me and the girl friends I had formed their cliques and abandoned me. I wasn't into fashion and boys. I preferred army coats, Gun magazines and grease under my nails. Oddly enough they were well maintained LI acrylic nails. The words and the rumors still sting to this day but looking back I never changed who I was to fit in.

Fact 8: I am poor. Like seriously... Broke ass Bitch here! Last year I made $500.00 less then what is considered poverty level. I should be in charge of the national debt the way I budget and stretch a penny. Yet I own (not in name but legally) my house, I bought a car last spring and I pay for Apple's dance every month. I am constantly going over numbers in my head. But day after day and month after month I make it work.

Fact 9: Fan girl, right here!!! Okay, maybe fan girl light. I become enthralled with a show or book and live and breath it. I am currently watching Dr Who and realize why people become infatuated. Past shows I have fanned... Eureka, Castle, Firefly, Voltron, Mythbusters and Lie to Me. Books? Fever Series and the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega books. If I could really have one of these as my reality... it would be the Mercy books.

Fact 10: If my toenails are not painted I feel naked. It wasn't like this until I become pregnant with Bug and then I started getting pedicures. I never looked back. It is almost like I feel like less of a woman. I can be covered in mud and bruises, no make up, shaved head but if my toes are naked I feel weird.

       Okay, truth be told I was supposed to do 20 facts but since I started it when Apple was at dance and I managed to delete half my facts and had to re due them... it is now 10pm and I am ready for bed. I shall close out my first day challenge and look forward to tomorrow's challenge.

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