Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goosed at Cool Beans

          Okay.. this whole blogging every day. Yup, not doing so hot. but today I am throwing the topics out the window and just writing.

           My mind has been occupied the past week. My brother had brain surgery on Tuesday and I am been thinking about him constantly. I went and saw him at the hospital yesterday and while he looked good I know he was absolutely miserable. All I could think was I wish I could swap places with him. I have been down the surgery/trauma road so much I am an old hat. But everyone needs to go through stuff and for a reason. Yadda Yadda. Right now all I want is for him to be all better and healthy again.

          Apple is being very observant through out this whole thing because she knows it could very well be the boat she is in one day, since she has Arnold Chiari Malformation ( ACM ) also. App has quietly brought up questions and concerns. She knows that she leads a very active lifestyle and that could cause problems. In the coming weeks we will see if her old DR takes her insurance and set up an appointment if they think we should. If they find she is still the same and all it does is put her mind at ease then it is not a waste of time.

         Today is Thursday and as usual I am sitting in the coffee shop next to App's dance school writ8ing and people watching. As I was chatting with Barista Lady and ordering my uber awesome chocolate on chocolate brownie with chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate, and my tea, a woman passed by me with a blood hound. She looked like she just spent all day hiking in Tennessee or something. As they walk by, the dog took a sniff at my boots, that I haven't worn in about a year  and then all of a sudden I had a cold wet nose up between my butt and my hoo ha! I squeaked and the barista busts out laughing to which the woman responds to her, not me mind you, "Oh I am sorry. He is a police dog in training and doing passes to look for a girl." Barista Lady responds "She's not up her butt!" I don't think Hiker Woman realized what happened. But EVERYONE else in the place did when Barista Lady announced to her co worker I was goosed by the "officer". The tea was on the house today.

           Apple Jacks will be done in a few so I think I shall sign off here. Tomorrow we are going to go visit BroMan and then 3 day weekend!!! Furniture building will be happening on Monday and I can't wait!!! Pictures will happen.

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  1. You have the weirdest days Marcie. But hey, free tea. Hope Apple Jacks is okay.