Sunday, January 12, 2014

Practical Magic

          Opps... I missed 2 days. I could list a host of great and honest excuses but I won't. I have been busy but really, I am busy every day. I shall now move forward with the next topic.

                                            * The Meaning Behind My Blog Name *
         I went around and around for days trying to figure out a name. How can I sum up me in just a few words and have it be *cool*?  I have seen blog names that were witty and catchy and when you are the one trying to figure it out you draw a flipping blank. Days... yes days, I wrote down this and that ( remember I do like lists! ) and bounced quirky jumbles of words around in my head. But it took looking for a movie and coming across one of my favorites for two words to stick. And thus "Practical Magic" happened.

         I love the movie. The romance, the story line, the perfectly cast characters and the house. Oh Lord I love that house. But the title sums up me pretty well, also. I believe in the magic of the world. As a Pagan I believe that there is power in the words we use and our actions. There is energy in plants and minerals and every breath we take. People are born with gifts and there are spirits around us.  At the same time,  I know that I can not make myself look younger with a potion or conjure up the winning lotto numbers. There is an order to the magic. A creed of Harm None and a belief that you are given exactly what you need and no more. Like when times get tough and I find myself in a bit of financial difficulty I pray and believe. I always end up with just what I need to take care of myself and my family. I believe that in a case such as that, the money has to come from somewhere. To give to me could mean taking away from someone else who needs it more.

          Everything I do is a bit like that. I see the magic in my job, my home life and the relationships I have. I appreciate the joys and the highs but am aware of the lows and the sorrows. I know that not every day is going to be all rainbows and unicorns. Take my Friday for example. Started out fine and between accident traffic while taking Bug to school, a ticket on the way back to work and Apple missing the bus, it was a wonderful  morning. Accidents happen, I deserved the ticket and App got to school with out any issues. Shit happens and you move on. If I had focused on the crappity crap I could have destroyed my whole day. But I got back to work and moved forward. I am too positive to let the darkness in.

         And there you have it... each blog I write is a glimpse into my magical little world. 

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